Monday, September 29, 2008

Umm Hello?

Hi internet, I'm Alex. Its great to meet you!

I'm a fourth year student of industrial design at the University of Cincinnati. I have had a few internships, one a Bose and two at New Balance, both delightful experiences that a recommend to any student.

This quarter/year I am really looking to step up all of my skills especially sketching with markers and I should definitely brush up on my almost non existent modeling skills.

As far as career goals go if you want to call them that I really want to check out the west coast, maybe thats not really a career goal so much, but I am wicked sick of the east coast. More concrete or maybe responsible goals are focused around getting a job at Specialized (which coincidentally is in cali) or Vans, but I would rather do something that isn't shoes, I'm worried my general design skills are slipping.

I also want to start a really small apparel company called In Gold We Trust, but its slow going.

Thats pretty much it, I'm pumped about this quarter.

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