Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Goooooaaaals: Update

So I just looked back at my first post in which I discussed my goals for the quarter. I didn't really accomplish any of them. AT ALL. bummer.

I mean I did refresh my modeling skills a bit, at least I remember how navigate Rhino again, but other than that not so much. I originally wanted to focus this quarter on hand skills, bust out a bunch of dank marker sketches and that kind of thing. I also wanted to get a job in the action sports industry on the west coast for this winter. Pretty much none of this went down. I did way more modeling than sketching, I got a job in Wisconsin doing, "disposable paper products", and I didn't get anything done for my small start of In Gold We Trust. Oh well I did find out you can totally laser cut t-shirts so that cool.

This isn't to say that the quarter was bad or worthless. I do have a new strategy for sketching, I have posted about it before (kind of giving up on the traditional id style a little bit). I also have been concentrating a lot more on my styling and really trying to learn to make exciting and desirable minimalist designs.

I also learned some far less tangible things and for this I have to thank my teacher Mike Roller, who just won second in the Bombay Sapphire glass competition. Congrats! He has shown me two really important things. First that my career is mine and I can make it whatever I want it to be (I'm going to be a fashionista) and that is totally just as valid as someone who works at a major firm or something. Its my dreams damn it. The other thing I took away from his class is to be more accepting of what I deem as bullshit. Talking and explaining my ideas and reasoning behind my design decisions is definitely one of my strengths, but I sort of hate it. There are so many "famous" designers that just spout of this ridiculous bullshit. I see this and in a effort to not be like them I don't think I fully articulate my ideas, this is something I will work on in the future. Developing a voice that I feel is an appropriate mix of telling the story behind a product without sounding like Kareem Rashid. WERD.

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