Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Supreme Supreme.

So thinking about strong brand identities this morning, and I gotta say its harder to find an industry more concerned with this than streetwear, its pretty much all that matters. I mean honestly a shirt is a shirt only thinking makes it cool. This brings me to the meat and potatoes of this particular post. The creators and purveyors of all things coppable , SUPREME!

There are probably a million skate shops in NYC so not only did Supreme manage to totally jump out of their niche to achieve a ton of mainstream success, they have been top dogs of the streetwear scene for over a decade, an almost unheard of feat.

Supreme is so successful at this point their brand identity doesn't rely on anything besides their status as the ballinest shit out (and a really nice sans serif logo with red). So that pretty much rules.

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Adam Barron said...

I like that you picked a brand that you're particularly interested in and that brand identity is specifically important to them because they're part of such a specific market. I was thinking more about megabrands when I wrote mine, so it's cool to see a smaller one, and one that has been able to hold it's brand status for such a long time