Sunday, December 14, 2008

Braaap brap brap

I know I blog in groups, but I have to mull things over before I present them to the three people that read this. Its kind of an ebb and flow.

I just wanted to use this post to say I completely intend to continue to expose my thoughts about design and my future career to the public (aka maybe ten kids in my studio that keep up on this). I think a lot about this kind of thing, mostly in a narcissistic way as opposed to big design thoughts, but its my chosen career and I need to come to terms with where I want to fit in the grand design scheme of things.

One other thing, I really don't like notcot but i want to stay up on it (or abreast of current trends as those on the other side would say), so if anyone can hit me with some links to designish things I would be super siked. OMG thanks!


John Ariosa said...

something that sort of works: make a stumbleupon account with the only interests being designerly crap: art, design, architecture, fashion, photography. maybe throw in some speacilites like shoes or cars. you get a pretty broad swath of the current goings ons

Michael said...

I use The Dieline ( for packaging, both 2D and 3D. They show a range of aesthetics but keep to a high standard.

As a bonus, they usually post images large enough to use in mood boards.