Sunday, December 14, 2008

Desk of the Day is Dead! Long Live Desk of the Day.

So it was a while between my desk of the day posts, and it will probably be longer until I actually have a desk to blog about, because I'M ON FREAKIN' CHRISTMAS BREAK. Seriously I am siked to chill for a grip.

I think I learned a lot about doing work this quarter. I will be honest and say I was not really enthusiastic about this HP project, I really do appreciate them coming to us, but at the same time it's not my focus as a designer, but I showed up to play at the crit. Decent model, decent board, decent story, in essence I didn't embarrass myself or the college. I learned how to complete a project I wasn't super interested without ever being forced to pull an all nighter and I showed up with decent work. This is something I am wildly proud of. My whole education it was been extremely apparent which projects I have been honestly interested in and which ones I am just doing to pass a class and with this one I could trick some folks.

So on to the future and the chair project. I don't have any idea I am super interested in, but I want to use the computer project as a sort of barometer. I have said that its something I think I did well on and hide my disinterest, so if a chair is something I'm interested in I want to destroy it. When this HP project and my chair are compared I want it to be blatant what I truely have a passion for. I WILL LAY WASTE TO SPRING QUARTER.

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