Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Story or two and a photograph or a few.

So two quick stories, both good ones, and a few pretty pictures.

Hanging out with Jenna at this bar called Zeitgeist (totally my favorite word) and we make friends with these three people from LA who are "transitioning" to SF. They turned out to be super rad nice people who we had dinner with and then went to have, "the best bloody marys ever!" I'm not really into tomato juice so you would have to ask Jenna if this was so, but anyway moral of the story is people are really nice when its so sunny out all the time. Lovely people they were, made me feel a bit lame in truth. But they were totally rad and never rubbed their awesomeness in my face. So cool, and they invited us to LA for a party (a think I should really really do but will totally probably not).

Story two:

I wake up this morning and there is a note in the kitchen from one of my roommates (I can't stress how awesome and nice these people are) with a business card attached. Turns out my roommate Jo met this dude at work and they got to talking about who knows what but some how it came up that he had this new roommate who does design from cincinnati (me.) and this other guy goes oh yeah thats rad, I know a guy who does design from Cincinnati his name is Tim Karoleff. The dude (his name is Ken Jasinski) worked with Tim at Mike and Miakke and he gave my roommate his card to give to me and told me to call him if I know Tim. So I definately have to give this guy a call. To many good things are happening to me here. I'm starting to think I'm going to get hit by a bus or something soon...


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