Friday, June 19, 2009

Frisco Disco

So I go to San Francicso, and I must say its pretty much perfect. I definitely get that, "this is where I'm supposed to be" vibe (kinda like the first time you go to NYC). I haven't even been here 24hrs and I already have a story to tell.

So I fly out around noon on Thursday, uneventful flight to Midway and a two hour lay over in which I proceed to get a little drunk at an airport bar watching some Confederation Cup games and almost miss my flight. I rush over to the gate area and board, luckily a lot of other people were late so I got a decent seat by a window; which I promptly gave up to a family with young kids that wanted to sit together (note: this is proof that karma exists). My new seat is next to an older retired couple flying back home to San Francisco, and we strike up a conversation about The Agony and The Ecstasy which I have been reading for the last few days (I will do a separate post about this book, epic). Anyway so I tell this couple why I'm moving out and the give me some tips and stuff and then OFFER ME A RIDE HOME FROM THE AIRPORT! How rad is that, plus one SF. We head down to the baggage claim area grab our stuff and head into the city, they drop me off at my apartment, give me their contact info and invite me over for dinner sometime while I'm here. Elaine and Doug are the nicest people ever!

I proceed to ring the doorbell to no avail, figure well and pull out my phone to give my roommate a call. No dice dead phone, oh noes. So now I'm stuck outside with my duffel and bike box just chilling on the sidewalk, this is no good. I continue to sit there and people watch for a bit thinking someone will show up, but nope nothing. In my boredom I decide I will put my bike together, at least I can work on my 180's and stuff. Right as I'm finishing that up one of my neighbors come home and I ask him if he knows the people next door and I tell him my situation. Without batting an eye he offers to let me put my stuff in his apartment and we step inside to umm...chill. And I must say what you have heard about the quality of SF chilling is no exaggeration.

Shortly after that someone shows up to let me in and I make an ass of myself because I can't understand any accents and think this kid is telling me my roommate is walking when in fact he was working oops. So I unpacked and promtly passed out.

Oh also this is the most furnished and nicest room I have ever stayed in. With really good books too!

In summation, SF feels right, the people are epicly nice and I now need to take advantage of the perfect weather to go ride my bike.

Edit: If you read this whole story here is a treat, new THEM THANGS!

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