Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I've Put Mine in a Mailbox

So I like to think I know when to dress up, but this does still suck.

The Velvet Rope Burn:

So we stood on line and played the sore thumb role until our turn to be judged came. The bouncer gave us a swift once over, and said a bunch of stuff that basically equated to “You are not getting in with those clothes on”. At which point we retrieve from our pockets the officials invitations. It was like the scene in Pulp Fiction when they opened the briefcase. Dudes eyes got kinda wide and we were like, “… okay we’re good money now …” but AGAIN he refused us on the grounds of being underdressed - FOR A HIP HOP EVENT. To make matters worse, I roll over to [name withheld]’s website the next day to see Terrance and Rocsi and a few other smiley faces up in the spot dressed more casual than me! “Oh word?” That’s what’s hot in the streets? Contradiction? I mean I get it… they are who they are and I am who I am. Chances are they weren’t so much invited as their publicist gave them invites to make the party look well attended by A-listers. Celebrities are a whole another rant.

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