Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ohh Crank dat Soulja Boi

Today after my piano lesson I was messing with a electronic drum set when I realized it had both 808's and 909's on it. I think i shattered at least fifteen hearts that night.

In completely unrelated news. The beginning of my new portfolio (light painting is really hard.)


John Ariosa said...

but it looks bling, maybe a bit underexposed though. (possible protip: try image>adjustments>color balance and blow out the cyan in your highlights then mask out everything but your name. it may correct of underexposure)

a.aeschbury said...

I dont know if you can read my comment on your comment, but thats a solid tip.

This is kind of just practice as light painting is stupid hard, especially this shot. Its four exposures composited, (ALEX, AES,CHB,URY) to make sure the background wasn't over exposed. Hopefully I can find some darker places to shoot so I can get the name all in one go.

a.aeschbury said...

PS. That was like instant feedback. I'm still trying to format it so the whole picture shows up in the post.